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Broadshore Weapons Mods!!!

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Hey Guys, It been a while that i have showned off some stuff on the forum. So, here a shot of my weapons mods that I did over the month. Sadly, my DSC3D Sony Camera battery died on me. *Scowls at the camera.* So here a shot of my work. Well have more up later.

Starting from the left.

21st Century SEAL MG. Removed Original RIS with better improvements. Used Evergreen Styrene Sheet. *Forgot what it was. * . The EOTECH Site is Scratch Built using Styrene.
Removed the Original Slither Stock with a M4 Slither and tube from a broken DML M4. Vented out the holes to show the barrel with in the Railing system. Painted and weathered.

DML AK-47. Just added some weather and age look to this AK. To give it more of a bang for it look. A lot of time when into this gun to get that RIGHT worn out look on the wood. Did a worn bluing look on the Barrel, Receiver and everything that is metal using Acrylic Black and ALOT of wiping down to get the prefect look.

SoTW M60 Echo 3. GOD I love these MG's. With alot of work, filing and filling. This MG can look REALLY nice. I got Three of these in my collection. *Prays thank you to KB Toys.* What I did to this gun was split the body apart to refit the halves together. But first. I closed up the hole right side of the 60. Where the Belt feed though the bottom of the gun. Really hated that but it had to be down. Then reglued everything back together. Filed down the mold line and everything ease that needed to be filed down. Painted the MG with Flat Black then Weatherized the metal areas of this project. I don't know what I am going to use this gun for. Still planing that. Oh yeh, added a Gun number to the Stock of the MG.

Below to the Left.

21st Century Hk UMP 45. Man, this was a pain in the bum to get the Railings right or I think the glue I am using has weaken with age. Anyways, I am still planing on adding more stuff to this UMP. Like a EOTech Site and a 3 point Sling. Anyways! I wanted to make this UMP a little more boom for the buck. Added hand painted items all around the UMP. Styrene and paint work. I really like how this UMP turned out. But, I need to work a little more on the Stock.

Here is my work guys. I'll have closer shots later when my Camera charges up.

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those look pretty solid ! especially like the vented holes on the mg .
The look good from here. Nice job.
Great work !!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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