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Yep, I was going though of whats was lefted in the parts Bin of Parts. I kinda wish I didn't get rid of all of them DML Cloth Radio Belt pouches I had. :\

Anyways! This is my Parts Bin Asian Sniper type dude. Plus, I finally got the chance to use that dang Custom MSG-90A1 I had worked on last year for a bash.

Here the pictures.

The legpouch is from the Mass Production BBI Police Figure. All I did was redesigned the pouch to use on the leg.

Parts followed.

21st Century Goggles
21st Century Baseball cap repainted.
21st Century Shotgun Pouch. Remoded for a Ammo Butt pouch
BBI Bishop Tan Dropdown with 1911A1
BBI Mass Production Submachine Gun Ammo Belt Pouch. Remoded for a Leg Pouch.
DML Camelbak
DML Shirt, Pants
PT Figure Asian Head and body.
PT Bodyarmor
PT Boots
PT Black Gloves
SoTW Kneepads, Painted Black.
SoTW LC2 Ammo Pouch. Remoded, removed grenade pouches and repainted.
SoTW LC2 Canteen. Repaint. Looks really good painted.
SoTW Compass Pouch
SoTW Sunglasses
SoTW Knife
Custom Guns

21st Century UMP remoded.
21st Century G3 remoded to a MSG-90A1 From Parts of different guns and Styrene.

Unknown Part.

Pistol Belt with Padding.

I think I'm going to do some outdoor shots with my PMC and this figure.

Tell me what you guys think!

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