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Private , 4 Commando, D-Day .

This is a figure I've had hanging around for ages waiting completion : I don't normally do " elite " troops , because I think they get plenty of attention already , but it's nice occasionally to do something out of one's normal area : in this case , the sheer amount of equipment carried is staggering : wading ashore under fire wearing this lot must have been rather trying.
I had all the necessary parts around ages ago , and it was only a matter of getting down to it . The head , as so often with me , was the problem , but once I'd got the right one I got the impetus to finish him.

He's based on pictures of an Army Commando marching off to embarkation , and since one of the men visible is carrying a 2" mortar it seemed a good choice : I don't otherwise have a mortar armed figure in my collection.

One of the problems is that the two available mortars are wrong : they are both the wrong size : the actual bore in 1/6 is 8.5 mm : the DML is too small ( bore 7mm ) , and the BBI version is too big ( bore 9mm rifled ( ! ) and the whole thing too large overall ) , and they are both the wrong shape ; and anyway , the spade should be turned through 90 degrees for the short Airborne model .
So I had to do a little work to produce something acceptable : this version is the Mk.VIII* : it has the simple baseplate , but the full-length 21" barrel : the chap in the original pic appears to be carrying this model , which was also carried by the normal Infantry .
I made the bore more accurate by adding a barrel from plastic tube of the correct diameter .

The bomb tubes have had new strapping fitted : they are also slightly underscale , but I couldn't find any other suitable cardboard tubing . The yellow stripe is H.E. , the green is Smoke .
How they carried enough ammo is an interesting question , since any mortar wastes ammo at a hell of a rate .
His personal weapon is a .45 Browning Automatic : one might expect a rifle as well , but it's not in the pic.

The Bergen is the DML one , repainted , re-strapped and heavily improved : I did all this before discovering the the BBI one was still around , and a more accurate shape !
Oh well …

All the webbing is scratchbuilt around the DML pouches etc.
The uniform is from DML Mark (a rather good figure when it appeared ) with a colour-wash to make it browner , and a few modifications to the collar .
The beret is from Royoboy : a present , and another reason to finish the figure.
No capbadges were worn in all the pics I have seen : as Army Commandos they didn't have a badge at the time ( the beret being a badge in itself ), and out of combat tended to wear the badge of their original unit.

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