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British and French Uniforms through the (my hobby) centuries

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Hello there,

I´m collecting 1/6th scale items for more than 20 years now and have some epochs that have been dearest to me all those years. I noticed that I have some british and french figures from different epochs to show some development.

Some british soldiers:

from left to right...64th Regiment of foot from the late 18th Century / Revolutionary war, 15th King´s Hussars from the beginning of the 19th century / napoleonic wars, WW1 Officer, WW2 SAS/LRDG, Royal Marine from the 1970s - 1980s, British infantryman from the 1990s - 2000s

IMG_6552 (2) by petemit, auf Flickr

IMG_6553 (2) by petemit, auf Flickr

Some french soldiers:

from the left to the right...16th Century Musketeer, Imperial Old Guard from the beginning of the 19th Century / napoleonic wars, WW1, 1950s - 60s, 1980s- 2000s

IMG_6555 (2) by petemit, auf Flickr

IMG_6558 (2) by petemit, auf Flickr
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Thank you for your comments :)
Thank you! :)
I love the timeline of history you've made! Nice collection!
Yes, you two are right, "Timeline" would be the right word.

Thank you both for your comments.
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