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This is a Dragon neo body.

The body has been modified significantly. It has been slimmed and the joints opened up for more articulation.

The head is #515Kurt Keplinger.

I stripped and repainted the head with oils, the eyes were done with acrylics.

The uniform and all of the gear is Dragon, mostly from Harry Collins and also from various releases.

I weathered the figure with acrylics and pastels.

The boots and gaitors are from Newlineminitures. I weathered them with acrylic paint and pastels.

The helmet is from the one of the British Airborne carded sets. The net I picked up at a show back in '04 from Graham of Newline minitures. I made the chin strap with real leather. The schrim was cut from old SOTW uniforms in the scrap bin. It was weathered with pastels.

The sten is from 21st , I repainted it and made the sling. Trying to find the Dragon version proved to be literally impossible!

The base was made from Celuclay and woodland sceenics grass mixtures. The bricks are made from clay, the morter is plaster of paris. There are also some small pieces of busted up plexiglass on the base also.

Comments and corrections always welcomed!

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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