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I can't recall any brand making brass specifically, maybe Testors/ModelMaster, they make every WW2 colour out there anyway.

For shiny brass like casings or flashing, try Gold paint+a touch of yellow ochre, I use Liquitex, but Testors, Tamiya, or any craft brand should work, all of them carry iridescent gold in some form or another. Copper may be too orangy, but it could work too, or silver with yellow ochre and burnt sienna or something.

That should make it shiny and polished looking, so if you choose to, afterwards wash or drybrush over it with a bit of burnt sienna with a tiny bit of hookers green or the colours RWC noted mixed in to give it the tarnished look, and wipe/brush away what you don't want covered, it'll potentially stick in the recesses and corners of stuff nicely.

If you want to recover the shiniest highlights, touch it up with a bit of drybrushing using the first mixture, or just gold.

Good luck! And let us know your progress or how it turns out!
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