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Leg Human leg Soil Foot Science

"USMC 3rd force service support group" female, That is what my Patricia was originally.

You can see her boots in the picture and it was a pain to get her original feet out of them and as Patricia is on the PlayToy body, it's practically impossible to get those feet in those boots.
You can also see those rods with a ball on it, Those two is from one of my Very Cool bodies.
I have realized that it's for use in the ankle socket.
Now to the Question in hand: How can i use those in the boots? Is there some type of putty i can use to fill the boots with? :think


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Well, you certainly could use putty, if you wanted. Other options, depending on whether you want permanent/ nonpermanent or hard/ soft, would be :

Resin. Pour, let it harden and drill for the peg OR put some type of release agent on the pegs and place them in the resin before it hardens.

Latex. Soft and pliable, yet it will hold it's form better than a non hardening putty or clay.

2part epoxy. About the same technique as the resin.

Air hardening clay. Probably not the most durable, but not likely permanent either.

JB weld. I do not even want to think about this one, but you COULD do it.

Pretty much any material you can pour or squeeze into to the boots and set your pegs in. Even silicone caulk might work.

You could also make a "foot" out of Sculpy and bake it in the oven. It wouldn't need to be very detailed, just foot shaped and small enough to overcome your install trouble.

It largely depends on your patience and ultimate goal.

Hope I was helpful.

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Wood Art Cylinder Tints and shades Paper

The original feet. Those was a pain to get out of the boots.

Human body Foot Human leg Toe Fashion accessory

Phicen, Very cool and PlayToy feet look like these.

And i can only say it would be nearly impossible to get those kind of feet into the boots.
So my thought was to fill the bots with some kind of putty let it cure and maybe drill a hole to fit those rods/pegs into it. i could also let some rods/pipe cure with it. I could revise the idea though.
My intention was that they could be removable so i could use them in other type of footwear

Make a "foot" out of Sculpy and bake it in the oven, a neat idea but as i wrote it would be very hard to get that into those boots.

But you got some good ideas there. ;)

If you all have some ideas so let them come, all answers is appreciated. ;)

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