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I'm working on a custom Big boss/punished snake/ venom snake/ naked snake figure, shirtless, from MGS V
I want to add as much detail as possible so I wanna add his body scars
the body I'm using is
I could sculpt them but I was thinking of carving them in with dentist pics
I'm not sure, any tips?

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I'm unfamiliar with the type of scarring Big Boss has, but I can say there are different scarring patterns. Some are grooves (Tommy Flanagan's "Glasgow Grin"), others are flat (Aldo Raine's throat scar), and others are raised (i.e., keloid scar tissue).

Here''s an example of raised scar tissue I made with Super Glue, a toothpick applicator, and acrylic and watercolor paints:

Tommy Flanagan:

Brad Pitt as Aldo Raine:

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