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When he's not busy getting paid to play football by Barcelona, Ronaldinho is an avid airsoft gun player...

OK so I made that up.

This is actually the ACE US Navy Seal CQB Black TMT Exclusive. Upon gearing a figure with this set I realized that I actually hated it, so much so that it ended up back in the box for a long while.

Until I finally decided to use it in a hate-compilation figure, that is I compiled nearly everything that I hated from my parts bin and then put them together into a figure.

Notable specs:
- Head: Ronaldinho from unknown manufacturer. I bought the head when I was still very green in this hobby, thinking everything must be as good as Hot Toys.
- Rifles: M4 SPR and M4 from ACE. I repainted them in black and then dry-brushed it with gunmetal to get better-looking finish.
- Radio set: crappy Very Hot TASC radio. Can't believe that VH is actually better than ACE on this one.
- Body: the horrible old type HT body.
- Gun on hip: the abominable Very Hot Glock 19 with light and holster. I modified the holster so that it can fit better to the leg. And I sanded, puttied and repainted the gun just to make it look better.
- Knife: a repainted crappy Very Hot combat knife.
- Gloves: Very Hot gloves, I'm running out of derogatory terms here so I'll let the pics speak for themselves.
- Boots: HT old type plastic boots
- Fanny pack: modified HT VBSS utility pouch.
- Ankle gun-holster: modified HT VBSS M9 holster.
- I stitched every corners of the pouches on the vest so that they won't come off easily. I also repainted+dry-brushed the M9 on the chest and painted the M4 mags to a darker color.


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so this is the figure in the background in the BBI HAHO shot. I thought it was Darth Maul in modern assault gear when it was a blur. :D

Doesn't look that bad considering how much u hated all them parts.

Oh yeah, the HT MK 43 Mod 1 should be available from a yahoo auctions seller by the name of toysbunker. His prices r dropping as well so u might as well give him a call before turning to EBAY.


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LMAO, Good-hatin' gone bad..... he looks good and extra points for the tactically-questionable dreads. Did the head come with them? Anyone can bash something they like/love, this is special.

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Ditto to Zebraten and Sgt Schultz, for it has made you strong, embrace the hate. :evil

Though you may not like it much in hand, it looks like a pretty cool figure to me/us.
I particularly like the dreads you added to the HS. I think a nice repaint and then maybe some facial tattooing would make him look even cooler, maybe along the lines of zombie snake but maybe not so far.
He kind of has the HK art fig feel with the deads, so you could go all out on him.
And if those gloves are really really big like my tan VH ones, you can easily resew them to half the size and have a really nice fit on a figure's molded hands. The work did you did to cover up the flaws have really made him shine.
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