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Before mission:

During operation:


Body: bbi
Head: ht cia in afghanistan
Gloves: bbi (will change these when I get my hatch operator gloves from migo)
BDU: very hot pj
Boots: Dr. Figures tan Oakleys
Helmet: Ace gb mich2000 with soldier story night vision and barrack sgt. goggles
Weapon: originally ht cia in iraq sopmod m14, but I removed the rail system and shortned the barrel to make a scout 14 (I LOVE the new scout 14s with the black composite bodys.)
Chest Rig: bbi raptor spear body armor with ht cia ak47 vest (seen alot of green berets with that ak vest)
Knee Pad: ht devgru
Backpack: ht cia in afghanistan
Dropdown holster: bbi

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nice bash joe, the hatch gloves would look good on this one, but it might not grip the rifle pretty well as the bbi flight fingerless gloves you have on right now, but you can still sport it and teh bash would look awesome with it on a "before mission" pose:thumb
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