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Birthdays for 08/27/18 through 09/01/18

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OSW is sending Birthday Wishes out to---

Ronin Six, jkidd41011, Liquid Fox (40), rhinestone_fuel (53), Davinator65, and ermeynator(31)

Happy Birthday y'all! :thumb

Absent but remembered---

gennaker (60), fastnet (53), cuckoo martins (40), dutchysyd (62), boot25 (56), evinfantry(54), Hollowpoint (48), cpt_winters (28), Arashikage Assasin (25),
One Shot GD (50), fencecop (48), Frost61 (36), Collin Swee, Piranha (40), Johnny Utah, Dubar1 (67), InsaneToysInc (50), BOEHLE(49), jinXXer (45), CHUYHA85 (33), Sol_Siruken (31), Bonemender, Sword O' Justice (54), RT_HABU (51), and Socrates187 (22)
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Happy Birthdays guys! Hope you all have a GREAT week!
Happy birthday folks.

Big shout out to Davinator. I hope you had a great day my friend.
Hahaha....I got a birthday notification from OSW and I thought that was odd, since its not my birthday... Seems like the system does what it wants to do...LOL!

Thanks Mike! And Gerald...I feel for you...
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