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I recently acquired Big Chief Studios' figure of James Bond from Dr. No.

Front and back of the box.


The back of the insert has a print of Maurice Binder's gun barrel photo, as used in Dr. No (and every Bond movie until Licence to Kill).

Top tray.

Bottom tray.

Out of the box. The clothing is of good quality overall, but the jacket seems a tiny bit too big.

The dinner suit isn't black, but rather a very dark blue.

The head sculpt. The Sean Connery likeness is good, and the paint job is overall good and lifelike.

It seems to me like the sculpt is slightly different to the prototype. The eyes are more prominent - they could be slightly bigger, or it could just be that the whites are brighter against the skin.

I remember seeing Big Chief's Connery figure from Goldfinger in a store display once, and what struck me about it was that the paint wasn't particularly lifelike, leaving the flesh tone looking plastic. This is definitely an improvement.

Bond comes with a watch, a Beretta M1934, a Walther PPK in a presentation case, a cigarette, a cigarette lighter, a cigarette case, three bound stacks of banknotes, a dealer's shoe, a set of poker plaques, and a set of playing cards.

The Beretta and Walther have working slides and removable magazines, although the slides are stiff and not easy to move.

The lid of the shoe has 'Le Cercle' moulded into it, which is a nice touch.

Bond comes with a total of ten hands. The hands become quite tightly attached to the wrist pegs, with the pegs coming out of the forearms before the hands come off them.

The holster under Bond's dinner jacket.

The assembled stand.

The stand with the built-in LEDs on. There is a toggle at the bottom, and a touch-sensitive section on the rim of the stand, so turning it on and off is easy.

I put the Beretta in Bond's holster for this photo - while there is no visible bulge, the left arm is ever so slightly prevented from being brought all the way in.

The base body and its articulation are mostly good. I type this because the abduction/adduction movement of the hips is looser than I would like, as are the ankles, but more importantly, the forward motion of the leg isn't smooth. It has detents at roughly 30° intervals. The thigh itself is connected to the hip via a joint that has a lot of play to it, so this helps a little.


This is my first figure from Big Chief Studios, so I don't know if this level of quality is typical of Big Chief, an improvement, or even below par, but I'm overall happy with my purchase. The quality is largely good; my gripes are that I wish the hand connections were looser and the in-out hip joints and ankles were a bit tighter.

Definitely recommended if you're a Bond fan in general and a Connery fan in particular.
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