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Bi-pod Question

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I’m new and wanted to introduce my self, hi. I have a question and would greatly appreciate it if some one could give me any info. I’m trying to make a bi-pod for a rifle and my question is were could I get the little springs that go with the bi-pod.

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I have not found any that are the right size. I make mine out of wire and a small round rod. I also use springs in weapons that I cut up and they work pretty good.
Try kids toys.... take apart the toys that have spring up flaps, dors etc. i have found many tiny springs ideal for bi pods....SGT
Where the hell do you buy springs anyways? The only springs I ever find are in the god damn pens.And most of them are too big or too strong for my weapons.
I work at a hardware store distribution center. We have hundreds of different size springs and I am always wondering what size would be right. If anyone has a 1/6 conversion for the size needed I could try to find them and give you guys a product name and number to order.
I don't know where you could buy them but I had an old cassette deck that did not work anymore and it was a goldmine of little springs. And welcome!
A site with useful data on spring-making -

The diameter of the spring stock used in HotToys bipod extension springs looks to mike out at 0.010", you could cheat a little, but the HT springs sure look good.

Being an inveterate scrounger, I agree with the others that old and broken toys, cassettes, cameras, and players are great for small parts and springs. I haven't scrounged any so far, which replicate the HT springs.
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I just found an old DVD player when I moved and was thinking about taking apart as well.
BTW endaccess, pardon my manners. Welcome to the OSW!

Is there anyway you can get access to springs without Having to TEAR UP SOMETHING EXPENSIVE first.Or does anybody know what brand store sells these things?
You can make one it is easy. Use a high "E" guitar string in .013 inch (0.33) diameter. This URL ( has instruction and pictures to guild you.

T. R.
Try taking apart some old computer CD ROM and floppy drives. Another source if you just want the look is light filaments. I just replaced a halogen headlight bulb and the remaining filament looked perfect. Doubt it stretches though. The spring that pushes up the flint in a disposable lighter also looks to be about the right diameter.

- Ivan.
Good tips, you guys.
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