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Hi all,
Long time ago I posted a thread about the final bid vs the final cost that displayed in the invoice.

This time it's about the final bid and the amount that the seller "intentionally and dishonestly" added to the final bid.

This transaction
1/6 Flexible Durable Model Female Action Figure Body Woman Girl Collection Toy | eBay

ended with $8.51 USD, Free international shipping.

After the auction, the seller newst12 smoothly added $5.99 USD as shipping cost.

Here is the conversation, 1st message from bottom:

New message to: newst12
Hello, I want the Free Shipping as originally listed. Please set the Free Shipping. Thank you.

Dear (my ebay id),

Thank you for your e-mail. The shipping fee is for standard speedpak which is fast. Free shipping is for economice shipping which could not be tracked. May i know which way you like?

best regards,
my ebay id:
The final bid is $8.51 and free international shipping as listed, please change the total to $8.51. Thanks. (Why did you put $14.50 ?)

And since, no reply from the seller, the cost doesn't change back to free shipping
Such a c0ward isn't it.

By his feedbacks, I can see some saying that this seller sent empty packages to buyers.

So that's it.

Beware of this "newst12".

Thank for reading.

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You are right in your expectations . You followed the rules etc. Now if the guy is shipping out empty bags that is wrong of course . As far as the shipping I would just pay it . I think the guy thought the item was going to go higher , again not your fault and you are in the right . But I think he is just trying not to lose as much on shipping since I would imagine a 1/6 body is going to be $13-22 in shipping not to mention what he has in the figure . Just pay the shipping and know you got a deal .
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