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People have asked others how to transplant bbi heads to DML/DiD bodies. Well, since the bbi body is now a rarity, here it is.

Here's bbi Dieter, just as it normally is, but wihtout paint.

Here's step by step-

1. Soak the head in acetone. This softens the headm but not the neck post. Yhe paint can also be stripped at this time.

2. Using some force, you can pry the head rather easily without any tools.

Right now, the head will only fit back onto the post...

3. Carve out bottom of neck to expand the hole you just created. It is now wide enough to fit onto a DiD body, but in order to get on a DML body will require some CA glue.

4. Repaint and mount to preffered body, and your done!

doing the opposite (Glueing bbi post to DML or DiD head) will result in being able to use said head on a bbi body.
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