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hi all tyler here, i amjust following up on a thread i posted about BBI's Coca Cola 1/6 series!

first off... no the outfit did not disintegrate upon opening DFC!!!

packaging... ★★★★☆

lets talk about the front. standard outfit bubble card setup to an extent , but I really dig the color and the placement of the rainbow coke logo's on one side. it's nice that they cascade down the left side, and they make use of different colors. i even think the white is a nice touch, and with the yellow oufit card help keep the package lively. the other nice thing about the front is the Coke logo across the top, with the ribbon. also notice that the set tells you what figures it will fit, now being from 1986 of course... no cy girls on the list!

here it is still in the package, you can better see the rainbow Coca Cola Logos on the left, as well as the BBI toys logo!

and from the other side. you see the outfit in detail, with the little barbie size shoes!

and the back...

i do like the catalog style format of the card's rear, and how they really show you what other sets there are, something that even 21stC did with their line. the other thing i like, is how they are displayed on barbie style dolls. this gives you a good idea of how they look on figures. also they did provide item numbers, possibly for reorder purposes, or for a sales catalog? another thing is the logo! again another Coke logo on top, just a little better centered this time, and a little lower maybe? and a top barcode which isn't usual. also a picture of the bottle, and cooler set... which i found out was made alongside a fast food/picnic food set, and two full dolls they made.

and one thing i forgot to photograph was the yellow card BBI secured the outfit to. it certainly was smart of them to put it on a card, but to punch small holes in the outfit and string it to the card was not. but for the most part that doesn't affect the outfit. however on the bag some tiny holes can be seen because of this, and with that i give the package 4 of 5 stars.

:clap :clap :clap

ok now the outfit


now the actual outfit is really nice. i will say it definitely has 1980's written all over it! It does certainly have a nice color palette and does include a neat little coke towel, and pleather bag, the set even gives you a red headband, and what may be finger-less gloves, not to mention that the red part which is a removable leotard. now the fabric quality is as good as i expected. i do think the white suit part is true cotton, or spandex, and looks really crisp, probably better than those triad spandex suits! the leotard is even better, and the classic coke logo on the leotard is top notch, and definitely the star of the set. then you have the headband, small but it fits. plus there's the leg garters, which are colored with red stripes on top, and fit the legs well. also should not the little white belt which is good, but not very stretchy. it fits tightly on Eva, but it fits and is finely stitched!

furthermore there's the towel, which is white with a another excellent and classic Coke logo, real cotton, and beautifully crafted, just like a real one. next the bag, it's nice, and certainly a good place to put the towel, and again with the excellent and classic Coke logo. plus the bag will be a good place for a bottle, or burger when i get the BBI coke fast food, and cooler sets. now the one thing i didn't use was the shoes, because barbie has way to small feet! but the shoes will be pardoned, because they are made for barbie feet.

see? awesome right? i know the shoes are too small, but that is expected... so my overall rating for the oufit is 5 of 5 stars. now to show why i bought it... so she (Eva) has more to wear other than just her cop uniform.

"yes.... i know. i know what you're going to say. you're going to say "i'm a walking ad"! well so what! i can be one if i wish."

"so... this outfit is just the right size... huh? or does it make my butt look big?"

★★★★ 1/2

overall i give the set a four and half of five stars, and will be getting more of the series, atleast what i can afford of it! :thanks
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