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I present here my BSG custom uniform:

Parts Breakdown:

BDU: BBI Scar (modded, see below)
T-shirt, gray: Saturday Toys Biker set
Tank Top, brown: BBI Body Builder with Elite Force decal removed
Boots: Unknown make Oakley SI Combat Boots (except first pic, those are DML cloth boots)
Hoodie: TS Bounty Hunter Babe
Holster: Unknown, came from my parts bin
Dog Tags: custom
Body: BBI Somers
Embroidered Patch: Dave at the Patch Hut

On to the pics (I once again, humbly apologize for the crappiness of the pics):

I modded the BDUs by removing the pockets from the sleeves and also the cuffs (although I noticed later that the uniforms on the show actually still have the cuffs :( ). I then used pieces of cloth from the pockets and cuff to make the larger belt loops on the pants.

I added fastex buckles to the shirt pockets and cuffs using fabri-tac.

The dog tags were custom made using a small brass strip and beaded chain from Michaels.

Finally, I had the patch custom made by Dave at The Patch Hut and I am very pleased with it.

Now I just need a good custom sculpt of Katee Sackhoff and I'll be golden.

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Hiya, Darth Boz!

Great job! Looks like all she needs now is a readyroom to lounge about in!

Proud son of Rose and Wes

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Very cool, I doubt that company that folded could have done better than your uni. The shoulder parts with the patch and the hextags are really nice touch. On the second to last picture Sommers even kind of looks like Katie, maybe a hair remodel with some sculpey would up the likeness.
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