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Hello all... So this is my first official post here (not including the introduction a while back). Just wanted to say, I've been lurking the gallery portion of the site for several years and I've been quietly collecting and kitbashing on my own, but I never thought I'd actually sign up here lol...

So a little background on this... I've been inspired by the Battle of Mogadishu since I was 4 years old and I saw the event unfold on the news. In fact, I was actually driven to enlist in the US Army as soon as I could due to the heroic actions that transpired on 3-4 OCT 1993. So I figured that my first official post would be related to the figures I've been putting together for about 5 years now. These guys are modeled after reference photos floating around and not the movie Black Hawk Down, so don't expect any Blackhawk vests... lol...

Please be reminded that this is a work in progress and I cannot stress that enough. I want this to be the most perfect display and several pieces are quite hard to come by. Looking at you Toy Soldier AWS chest rig....... Grrr...

Big shout out to Brad H., Jim S., Bob M., Norm H., and the "Sir" himself, Scotty M., for providing feedback and input on some of the finer details.


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