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This is my new Warrior.
The helmet I did myself
Along with...
The necklace's,
the robe strap,
Black robe fur,
the shoulder armor strap,
the top she's wearing
and the sword strap.
all done last night.
I made the pictures look dark like she's in some dark weather.

started to get artsy lol

Thanks for looking.

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Outstanding work on the helmet.

Horns like that can be very difficult to get symmetrical. Yours came out just right.

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Man I wish I'd seen this earlier, I've somehow missed this post a couple of days ago :doh. She looks exquisite! I really love the helmet, especially the horns. The way you put her together, along with the pose and the lighting is very striking.

Amazing work :bravo

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Yeah, she's beautiful and the pictures are really good. I think you named the thread correctly as "Battle Horns" since that's the feature that really stands out distinctively, and gives her so much character.
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