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March 30th,
1954 - 6PM : General GIAP started the battle for the 5 Hills in the Dien Bien
Phu valley, launching his troops against the following strongholds : Dominique
1, 2 and 3 and Eliane 1 and 2.
The 1st Coy of 1er BEP (Foreign Legion Paratroop battalion) had been sent as
reinforcements on Eliane 2 during the afternoon and the legionnaires arrived at
the top of the hill at 6PM, just in time to check the Vietminh assault waves.
Dumont's section was at the top around the central bunker. The men fought just
where they were, resisting just as they are able to.

My fig is one of these paratroopers.

HS : DML Patzer
Uniform & helmet : LFA repainted
Boots: NLM
Gear : LFA with webbing customized "6ème Légion"
MAT49 mag pouch : custom made by Chung
Waterbottle pouch reworked as M1951.

Grenades repainted et grenade carrier "joueur de
boule" made in "6e Légion".

He will be in the next
"6e Legion" diorama on Dien Bien Phu with his friends, the Chaffee
and Dodge WC52.

The work on the buckles of the webbing and the grenade carrier.


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Nice work, the 47/52 looks better like that. Nice job on the canteen.
I really like the 1st picture, great pose.
The Mat 49 pouch from Chung are really great. Congrats to his work.
The 21st MAT 49 looks really good.

and the rivets :nanana

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Hoorah! Another wonderful homage to the men of the French Indochina conflict :clap Thanks for the pair of figs you just posted, Hunter!

I wish I had heard of MAT49 mag pouches custom made by Chung. I already have one MAT.49 ammo pouch (or 2?) on order as loose from the DiD/LFA/ Henri fig, though.

Which Chung is that? I know that Le Saint, WeylenT, and Pad75 have or still makes & sells custom French Indochina items, I'd be interested in others as well.
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