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I have that set in Multicam and the forest AOR pattern. It's fine, and definitely fits well on the older-style Phicen bodies. Did a quick shoot with one on a 3.0 mid-bust body:

Just Another Day in Paradise 1 by Ed's Toy Box, on Flickr

There's another one on a large-bust 4.0 body, which is a slightly better fit. I haven't managed to get her off the shelf and into the lightbox or outside for a shoot, but what you see in the eBay photos is pretty much what you get. I'd expect the new stainless steel bodies should work as well as the older ones.

Worst thing about them is that the shorts have little-to-no stretch to them, so getting them on a Phicen body can be a bit troublesome. It's not better or worse than getting any other non-stretch clothing on a Phicen body, and the clothing doesn't stain.
awesome, maybe i'll use it with some dragon lc2 gear. anybody know of any pants to match as an alternate to the shorts if need be?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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