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Barrack Sergeant-Private Military Contractor (PMC),South Korea Version

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Barrack Sergeant-Private Military Contractor (PMC),South Korea Version

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I really like the headsculpt on this one! :)
is this a complete figure set or just an outfit set?

that HS is very nice.

the jacket and chest rig ROCKS!

very nice HS. Looks a little bit like Tom Cruise in Collateral.


Looks like regular edition PMC, but with a different sculpt. Pity its not included in US version...

dai-low said:
there are PMC's in South Korea?

Great headsculpt.
Tom Cruise = Collateral ?
Supa cool...I'd like to get this one too. The rascals kept the best one for themselves....
Larry can we get this in the States??
Wow. Thanks for the pics! Nice paint job on a equally nice sculpt.

I have to wonder though if this is a prototype head with custom paint, or will the production head really look this good?
Nice HS, nice weapon, nice jacket, to bad the zipper is the wrong scale.
@ Palaboon: Yes, Collateral, from 2004. Directet by Micheal Mann. Cruise is the Killer...


ohh yeah..I digging the HS and I really like the chest rig in tan..thats what I wanted
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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