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Barrack Sergeant AUG Protoypes

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Suhweeeeet. I could use these for my digger bash I have.
noice !!!!!! I hope these get released.
rambeau87 said:
noice !!!!!! I hope these get released.
I'm with Ram on this! I hope these live to see the lights of our hobby rooms!
Prototype (B) is by far my favorite one. cant wait till these come out, makes me want to do foreign bashes now.
Those have been posted a while ago and (as usual?) no word from larry, same with the other Rifle Prototypes. :(


1/6 アームズコレクション -ステアーAUG- 6個入りBOX 
Scale:1/6 4410円 2008年2月下旬 発売予定
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Sergeant Larry said:
4410円 2008年2月下旬 発売予定

How reliable are these numbers? Can we exapct around the same release here in the US?

Man...I have always loved the look of the Steyr AUG rifles !!! These are amazing... :clap
Sweet Stuff Casey! I got a felling the Aussie builders of the Forum are going to crazy for the F88's.
Now thats more like it.
Will it be one set with different attachments or is each set up seperate?
tears of joy guys...gracias adios. and isnt aoshima also doing some AUGs? now we just need some 'paddyflage' uniform sets and we can do some fightin irish along with some diggers.
"06" is sweet... a long barrelled SAW ver?
Additional choice of weapon for my CIA dudes :)
Been reading mentions of these for the last half hour and kept thinking "Augs, big deal, there's a dog, there's some grass, etc.". Then I saw these pictures. WOW! I haven't been this impressed with the Aug since I first saw it in Die Hard.
are these actually going to be released unlike the mk14s?
The prototype looks like good, but the BS product is sh*t. If those production running by BS again, I'll pass on them.
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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