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I have a pair of BAR pouches I havent used in a while, and they are in great condition. I'm not shure as to weather they're original or not. I've done some research, and they look, feel and smell original. The maker mark is visible, and the pouches appear to show little use. There are a few small repainrs on the right pouch, and one of the straps on the back right pouch is not tacked down. There are a few small tears in the fabric, but all the grommets are present. The front hook is slightly bent out of shape, but is not broken. All the lift dots are present and work perfectly. However, somebody painted silver over on of the dots on the left pouch. There is no rear strap, howevr i have a cheap chinese repro to go along w/ it.


I am also trying to sell this, so are there any takers?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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