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Hello all,

Got my Bandai Dennou Tachikoma on 3rd Mar'08. I think a couple of you guys have heard about this product where there are stories how it is a moving 'desktop robot' or something to that effect.This item was pre-order through Hobbylink Japan. And was released on the 23th of Feb 2008 (Sat). Hobbylink Japan posted it to me on 26th (Tuesday). The release date was accurate.

The package was pretty simple. A foam box to hold the Tachikoma and a carton box which held 1 CD and 1USB cable. (LoL what a waste of space!) and an instruction sheet. That's it. You don't have to assemble the Tachikoma at all.

First thing that struck me was the Tachikoma was way smaller than I expected. As you can see it sits on the palm of my hand!

Ok about the Tachikoma. Its heavy. Its really made of metal. Not like some cheap toy.(Specs says its 60% metal). The leg joints are all metal. The paint is glossy pale blue. Its basically a die-cast Tachikoma toy. There are black highlights in the recesses as well. As a die-cast toy I would say its solidly made. Leg joints hold tight as well

It seems Tachikomas are made in China. Just look at the label LoL!

Here's a pic to show how small it is. I placed my mobile beside it. When I took it out, all I could think was Woaaah its so small (Not dissapointed, just surprised)

Its only slightly bigger than the Segatoys Dream Chick. (The chick flaps its wings and peeps when you pick it up or stroke its head)

Enough of the pictures. I bet everyone's wondering, what can this USB Tachikoma really do?? Ok, first and foremost, I would call it a Die-cast toy with some USB gimmicks. It's not a desktop robot. Before I purchase it, I fully knew what it could do in terms of movement. (From Jpegs about it)

The Tachikoma is unable to wiggle its legs, or hands automatically. The ONLY automated movement it can do is - its front eye ball just jitters up and down. The eye ball does not even move all the way up of the socket. It just makes very short quick flicks, downwards (less than a centermeter downwards!)

The other thing it can do is activate its LED lights.The Tachikoma also acts as an external speaker for your computer. You got to go To Audio properties to select your Output device to change back to your default speakers if you have one.

As for the CD and installation software. What does it exactly do? Its a very simple software. When you insert the disk. You will see 3 files. Don't click setup.exe, it won't install the program. Click the one in Japanese. It's basically straight-forward. The software is not loaded at windows startup. (i.e you have to open it up manually). When you click it, the Tachikoma will start talking to you. It's kinda of cute. This is when the eye and LED lights start flashing on the Toy.

The software basically have 3 options. 1. Memo. 2. Turning on options for the Toy snd program 3.One SINGLE game you can play with Tachikoma ! That's it.

The memo part of the software, works in this way - You type out a message in a box and set the time and date. When the time triggers, basically your Tachikoma will start speaking in Japanese telling you that you have a Memo. A point to note. You have to leave the Tachikoma software on to have it to work.

If you open the program and don't do anything, the software will run a series of clips of the Tachikoma monkey-ing around. Your tachikoma will basically talk and make sounds. For the options. You can turn off the LED and the eye movements. Select wallpapers, and turn your my computer and trashbin icon into GITS related Icon.

All in all, its a Die-cast Toy first and foremost, not so much a desktop robot. I'm pretty happy with it, I bought it initially because I wanted a Tachikoma with 'Web-feet' and not Wheels. So it was a choice between Megahouse Tachikoma (Where you can put the Major inside the pod) or this.

So there you have it. I think, the first ever review done on the USB Bandai Chogokin Tachikoma from the Ghost in the Shell Series. Hope ya all like the review.

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!!! I want it. The Tachikomas were my favourite characters in the latter episodes of GITS SAC. I saw a [prebuilt] model slightly larger than yours before but it was way over my price range [specialty anime shops here always charge more, like the comic shops for novelties] Very cool, thanks for sharing!

At least if you get bored and find some stuff to play with, you could probably make a 1/6 Tachikoma :D Actually it'd have to be like 1/5.5ish so it could fit a 1/6 figure into it :p
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