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Oh for crying out fuggin loud.:eek:verkill

I am with Longhorn here.

Anyone ever heard of "morale patches" or items along those lines?? I had them in the conventional world. Many units would produce them for "atta boys" during field exercises, Top Gun crews at Gunnery, etc.. We used to wear them, at the commanders discretion, during the next cycle of training, etc.. Patches, along with coins, go along way in promoting morale and cohesion within the unit.

Hell, You can buy tons of them from Haj in Iraq even.

Granted, when units are created for particular missions, and have no real traditional or historical background to draw from, they might produce a local, un-official insignia to enhance the pride and esprit de corps. But it goes back to the morale patch concept. If an organization was truely, super secret, or 'black", and "didn't exist" do ya really think they would walk around wearing patches that are meant to ID the organization the individual belongs to? Especially on mission? Even as a civvie now, in my line of work, there are NDA's about certain things going on. Nothing diabolical or conspiracy related behind them, but, still sometimes certain things need to be kept hush til they are ready to be brought forth. It is called OPSEC. Maybe I should have a patch created and send it to him.

I have dealt with many members of the media over the years, and for the greater majority, not one of them heard what you told them, but what they already had in their minds. I finally got to the point where I refused to talk to them.
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