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Azteca's PMC

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some pics of PMC


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What headsculpt did you use for your PMC figure?
Looks great !

the fig is alex ross
azteca said:
the fig is alex ross
Is Alex Ross a Dragon figure?
royalewithcheese said:
Is Alex Ross a Dragon figure?
The figure is actually called Albert Ross and it's from DiD.

FYI: Alex Ross is a comic book artist. Check him out at

Looks good. But do PMC's have access to NBC kit? Those pants look like NBC suit pants.

you can get those pants in a sur + store well i guess you can since they are a private contractor maybe
Nice bash. he's packing quite a load.
Accurate or inaccurate doesn't matter, he looks HARDCORE!
That's a really nice figure.
Cool bash Azteca. Nice picture as well, it looks pretty 1:1, particularly with that Albert Ross headsculpt. DiD put out a winner with that one, as they do from time to time.
Nice looking PMC brother. I think he shops at the same place as my pmc's.
Very nice:thumb I love the gear load and that jacket is too cool.
Nice bash, very good fit on the gloves
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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