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Availability of M24 sniper rifle

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Has the M24 sniper rifle ever been produced in 1/6? This is the weapon I'm looking for. It is externally similar to the M40A1 used by the USMC.
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If I'm not mistaken i believe DML's Sniper Roy came with the M24.
Yes your right Doc Roy did come with that Rifle.
DML NYPD ESU Sniper 'Winona' comes with a nice black one, if I am not wrong...
Zacca sniper rifle looks like closest to me... can't find them in stock at the places I got them though..
Hers is an M40, they're practically the same rifle but with a difference in the stock. That's the only real way of telling.

They're both based on the civilian Remington 700
Yeah, the M40 (USMC) and M24 (US Army) are both based on Remington's 700 series rifle. In appearance they are difficult to separate. The main difference between the M40 and the M24 is that the M24 uses the "long" version of Remington 700 receiver versus the M40. The M40's short receiver is for cartridges not exceeding the length of the 7.62 mm NATO round. The M24's longer receiver allows the rifle to be converted from 7.62 mm NATO to the more powerful .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge. The Army specified this capability in case future tactics required the larger cartridge's extra range and penetration.
the DML 'roy' one is the closest i think.the NYPD rifle actually looks more like the bolt gun used by the USMC in nam...the stock is the only way to tell in this scale.the 'army' gun has a 'blunter' looking stock...not as sleek looking as the marine my humble opinion...for what thats worth(posterior sufficiently covered).
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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