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Auret's blades?

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Does anyone know where I can get my hands on one of Auret's Blade (the movie) swords. I've tried sending a pm as well as the two e-mails on his site. The e-mail addresses don't work and I haven't heard anything from the pm.

I hope this isn't the wrong place for this, but I can't have a Blade bash without a blade:wail.
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Auret is a busy dude and I believe WOH is this weekend. He has never not replied to a PM from me. All I can say is give it time.
Cool! Maybe I'll see him there. I live like a block away from the Glendale Civic Center!
He will the be the one the color of carbon steel and smells of ozone.
in addition, he is launching his sixth scale magazine, so i bet his email is chock full of things, orders, questions, shipping addresses, etc.

be patient. Auret is a solid guy, just swamped.
He will the be the one the color of carbon steel and smells of ozone.
He will the be the one the color of carbon steel and smells of ozone.
Well, that's true...but i'm still looking for a more effective soap... :bag

sorry If i've gotten a bit behind in my emails... i've gotten so many lately i've had to prioritize them...

some days , by the time i answer all the urgent ones, it's time to go to bed... and the next day i've found a whole new stack of urgent ones...

Two categories of emails that have gotten neglected are:

Submissions for issue 2 and Weapon requests...

the issue two stuff was being tabled until i had issue one finalized...

and the weapon stuff because i've pretty much stopped doing that stuff in favor of doing the magazine....

For everyone who emailed me or pm'd me and didn't get a response (some of them fell through the cracks or got spam filtered)...

I apologize.

For those inquiring about Commissioning custom weapons....

the answer is unfortunately: No.

for the forseeable future i'm not going to be taking comission work of any kind.

for those inquiring about other weapons that i may have for sale...

i need to do a serious inventory to see what is still in stock , but my time for doing so is limited at best.

when i get an inventory done i may put a bunch of stuff up for sale all at once , either through ebay or through a an online 1:6 vendor...

for those MANY MANY folks asking about the Blade Daywalker swords...

I have around almost none left in stock, with no real plans to make more right now.

I'm looking into the possibility of doing castings (normally i hand make each one) and selling those, but i need to find someone willing to make the molds and do the casting work, as i no longer have the time...

anyone want to volunteer?

sorry for any inconvenience this may cause but i'm basically out of business as far as making custom weapons specifically for sale is concerned...

dang, i'm longwinded :knock
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Auret, my Blade bash just shed a 1/6 tear:fit.

Come someone please help Auret cast these blades, so that vampires won't take over the world.
I would cast it, but,

A. i don't have the sword


B. I am sure there are better casters out there than me :)

Sorry i can't be much help :(
Now you guys see why I collect from OSW members... This gentleman produced some of the best hand made edged weapons available and well.... now they are no longer available... I need the Snake eyes Sword BADLY... Bad as a hog needs slop.....Oh lawd na what I'm own do.. LOL,LOL... Just kidding But I would really like to have owned one of the Auret pieces for my collection.
I can vouch for Aki (Brian).He makes some damn good weapons of many types.He has some of his sculpted and cast work on under the same board name.I own several pieces of his work and he is a great guy to deal with.
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