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Asmus Toys Lord of the Rings 1:6 LEGOLAS

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Asmus Toys has posted new photos of their newest 1:6th scale Lord of the Rings action figure: the Sindarin elf Legolas. Part of their Heores of Middle-earth series, Legolas is being offered as a standard release (MSRP $199.50) and a deluxe "Luxury Edition" ($249.95) which includes a Cave Troll roaring base. Both versions are scheduled to ship third quarter 2017.

Legolas Features:
· An authentic likeness of actor from the film.
· One pair of relaxed posture hands
· One pair of weapon holding hands
· One pair of fist posture hands
· One pair of bow pulling hands

Special features on Clothing:
· One elfish cape with leaf pin
· One pair of silver long sleeved undervest
· One pair of long underpants
· One pair of green elvish shirt
· One elvish belt
· One pair of upper part of the boots
. One pair of lower part of the boots
. One pair of elvish wrist bands

Special features in weapons:
· One pair of Legolas' elvish knives
. One pair of the knife sheath
. One pair of dagger decorative handle of the knife
· Bow of the Galadhrim
· The arrows of Lórien x 6
. The Lórien quiver

· One Asmus Toys figure stand

Luxury Edition:
. One Cave Troll roaring base.
. A pair of boots with plug in can be insert into the base to recreate the scene.


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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh YEAH!! A Must-Buy!!! My Fellowship continues with it's Upgrade!!!!
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