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As announced HERE, Asmus Toys was taking on the denizens of The Lord of the Rings in 1:6th scale. Following the Morgul Lord and orc commander Gothmog, Asmus will be releasing Mordor Orc Lieutenant GURITZ. Pre-orders are currently being accepted at, the figure priced at $129.99 and scheduled to ship second quarter 2014.

Mordor Orc Lieutenant GURITZ Features:

· Movie accurate super detail head sculpt plus implant hair
· One pair of relaxed posture hand
· One pair of weapon holding hand

Special features on Gear:

· Movie accurate full body armor
· One pair of weapon holding hand in armor
· One pair of open hand in armor
· One pair of special skirt
· One belt plus sheath holder
· One pair of boots

Special features on Clothing:

· One pair of red vest
· One pair of long striping pants
· One piece of turtle neck sleeve shirt
· One pair of armored black boots
· Two black Orc belt


· One interractive Mordor Orc flag
· One Asmus Toys figure stand

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