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Asking for help disassembling Hot Toys DX18 Maul's legs.

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Hi everyone.
I have purchased a HT DX18 Maul body whose legs I am trying to remove for kitbash purposes.... to no avail.

I hope there is someone in the room with far more expertise modifying HT bodies. Apparently, they no longer are the standard bodies w/ interchangeable parts they used to be, where you could detach and atach body parts by removing or unscrewing and inserting or screwing. Now, everything seems to be glued into place and unchangeable.

I am actually interested in the lower robotic legs, but don't seem removable from the thighs. They are also very fragile, so I just can't try and force them out. That was the 1st blow to my world domination plan..... The first of many.

Here is the body, anyways (sorry about the dust on all pictures... in hand, it is not so noticeable):

Thus far, I have removed screws on both thighs, only to realise they are glued together so strongly that screws do not matter at all:

Same applies to hips. They are firmly glued together. Screws are just window dressing:

I have removed one of the screws in the hip articulacions (the spheres). On this pic you can see how tightly glued the thighs are (see thigh to the left):

These hip articulations (the spheres) consist of 2 halves screwed together:

After removing the screw in one of the spheres, one of the 2 halves making up the sphere has come loose (finally something that is not glued!!) but I just can't extract it & fully remove it!:

This is another view of the loose half of the unscrewed sphere:

My last hope is that removing this half of the sphere might reveal how to unscrew the entire leg (though I might be in for another unpleasant surprise...). That is why it is paramount to me removing it. However, no matter how I rotate the thigh to allow more empty space around the sphere, I JUST CAN'T EXTRACT THAT DAMNED LOOSE HALF.

So, finally, my question: has any of you guys tried anything similar? Any experience with this? How can I remove the half sphere & the leg, or even the lower legs?

Any help will be more than welcome.

Thanks everyone.
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