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Just finding it strange that Mezco is making strides with their clothed 1:12 figures to hide joints... and here AF decides to do the oppoosite...
although i'm quite liking the lower part design with what seems to be rubber pants.
As for the trenchcoat... expect flaking in a few years.

Calling Ryudi... the Beta figure would be a perfect base for that "Space Punisher" custom i was harping about, especially with the exposed abs cut/joint similar to the his comics armor.

@ZombieIPkevin - Yeah accessories look great esp those hands and sci-fi grenade launchers! I want to turn B into a comics Shield Nick Fury!

@MoonbaseAlphaMale - About the kneepads, first thing that came into mind was Drake of Blade Trilogy.

@HobbyGalaxy - Ugly kneepads indeed, totally out of place! But what really merits questioning is that creepy "Dear Doll" love letter!
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