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It's like the perfect storm of package delays has set its' sights on my order.

I order from a nice retailer on Saturday, Aug 30th. Of course, that's labor day weekend, so I expect he will take some time off, and probably not jump all over my order on saturday, or even Tuesday until late. But no, it's thursday morning before the retailer tells Fed Ex my package is ready for pick up. And, of course, Fed Ex doesn't pick it up at all on Thursday, they wait until 5:54 PM on Friday (sept 5th), to actually pick it up. So far, only six days from order to package pick up!

Sept 6th, it leaves Phoenix early in the morning, and disappears for two days. Finally, on Sept 8th, it shows up in LA at 10 PM! 60 hours to get from Phoenix to LA, a drive of less than 10 hours by slow vehicle. Then it leaves LA on the 9th, and comes north, and makes it to my driveway...

But, the retailer required signature confirmation, and i am not home during the day, so the driver takes it back with him, and leaves a notice on my door. I sign the thing, and leave it hanging at my door for him, because i am not at home all day on the 10th either.

So, sometime on the 10th, a DHL driver shows up, and opens the door to shove his package inside... which releases the pretty paper with my signature for the Fed Ex driver, which blows a couple feet away.

And of course, the Fed Ex driver comes back, looks at the door, sees no paperwork for him, and leaves again, with my package... because he doesn't think to look five feet away on the ground (why would he?), where the stupid DHL driver left the note he dislodged and was too lazy to pick up.

So, hopefully, all things will work tomorrow, and I may actually get the package I ordered on Aug 30th! Unless some other driver shows up and tosses my signature on the ground, or an errant wind (in Tehachapi, what are the odds? :doh ) blows it away, or the driver gets a flat tire, or...

sheesh... I just want my figures.
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