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From what i have read they will get the tumbler batmobile in when they get the rest of tdk in december.

Tho the suggested price of $475 as well as the whole line if they are as listed you are not going to save a whole heck of lot $ wise, but then again i suppose you gain alot of peace of mind using a domestic supplier.

Open bidding on ebay for the batmobile has bee topping out at $360 to $370 with $85 to $120 shipping. So their markup for the import seems aimed to keep it even w shipping and stuff from HK.

The figures i read were going to be $175 payed $178 for the one i ordered w shipping and all.

Hopefully when they actually get here the released prices are a tad high because with shipping costs they would be dead even or more expensive than buying from overseas.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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