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A newbie question.
I was wondering if someone could clarify for me if the new DML Neo3 bodies were better than earlier models. I guess when I say better, I mean stronger. I've only recently bought a few of the earlier bodies and have heard that they aren't that robust. I was hoping the Neo3's were stronger. What are the improvements with the Neo3?
I hope I'm not opening a can of worms with this question.

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Well, you are going to get a lot of stuff on this one. I would say the Neo3 is the same consistency/quality as the Neo2 or what ever it was called before. The big difference with the Neo3 is there is better shoulder articulation having a fuller range, more muscular body overall especially in the thigh, and the ankle point pivots a bit to allow the foot to stay flat.

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The early Neo3 bodies (Hap Daley and whoever followed him) tended to have loose joints, but subsequent my Neo3's have had tight joints. I really like Neo3 bodies and I have no complaints on the later versions.

They have approximately the same level of sturdiness as the original Dragon Neo bodies.

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The Terry Davies, though slated as a figure had the best one of the bunch. I just wish DML and DML USA could be more specific as to which have it and which don't. I haven't seen ANY new releases since Terry, and that's part of the reason why I'm giving up. Retailers couldn't care less as they've always got other stuff they can shift. There just seems to be a general air of apathy surrounding 1/6th round here, and it's rubbing off on me!


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I love the Neo 3 bodies. I don't think I could go back to using the old DML bodies ever again. (Sorry, I don't buy ACE and HT bodies 'cause I ain't spending 30-40 on a loose figure.)

As mentioned, the arm articulation is MUCH better and they fix the skinny legs that gave the "wide crotch" look to most figures.

It is affordable and a fantastic body-- plus I use Dragon heads on all my figures anyway, so it saves me from having to mod other bodies to accept them.

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Fact is that bodies of all manufactures are evolving.
But in what direction?
I don't have nude bodies on my shelf, they are all wearing clothes.
I want my figures to be able to take the pose I have in mind for them, so flexibility is important in this stadium.
Then I want them to freeze in the given pose. Now flexibility is unwanted.
I had figures fallen of the shelf in domino style because flexibility teamed up with gravity.
I can't spray the figures with glue in the right pose because then it would become impossible to dress them up.
One would think that I don't have a live.

I hate the DML Neo3's and some other 1/6thers I know do too.

Loose joints indeed, up to the end with Dieter Muller, and the plastic was a much cheaper version used. Combined with the ridiculously overweight HS's they were useless for me.

The joints also get in the way of the clothing. Partly to blame is DML's decreased quality on the inside of clothing with literal tatters and threads hanging off the uniforms, but the shoulder ball joint catches alot it shouldn't. Ditto the torso. Overall, the nude is much more wonky and less robust than the 2 for me.

The only advantage I saw was the neck, but that wasn't enough, personally.

I use the NEO 2's for everything. Can't stand DiD's or Soldier Story's either. I've sold off all my other nudes bodies. I've got a couple of DML 3's if anyone wants to buy them.

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The neo3 was their suposed upgrade. IMO they missed the mark. The neo, now that is a good body, I use it a lot.

The next best body for me is the coo body. Nice tight joints, good quality plastic and will accept different heads.

The DID body could have been great but suffers from loose hips.

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I picked up a nice stash of the DML Neo 3 bodies some time ago during one of their sales.

IMHO, it's not bad. It does have a few quibbles, but overall it's a good budget priced body.

Back in the day, I actually preferred DML bodies as a go to 1:6 body. However, better designs came out (i.e. BBI G3.5, etc.) where today the general body design/type standard is the HT True Type with many nuances and variations among the different 1:6 brands/manufacturers.

The DML Neo 3 body is compatible with 1:6 head sculpts that comes with a neck and it'll fit into the neck adapter with little or no modification. It doesn't have the heft or weight of other HT TT and clone bodies.
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