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Hi all,

I have some replies in my Ranger threads on how to apply camo.

I'm not perfect as there are many others here who are far better than me. Just want to share on how i do it.

1. Select HS.

2. You'll have to strip off the paint with acetone.
3. I wanted it to look to the left so i repainted the eyes first. (This is an additional step because once you use acetone i found it very difficult not to touch the eyes so might as well repaint it.)

4. Grind the chalk so that you have a powder form. mix with water and apply.

First coat

Because the paint has been strip so the chalk settles in.

5. Cover all the areas of the face

6. before it starts to dry, use a cloth to wipe away the wet chalk. you may want to coat as many times and wipe as many times as you want.

usually i do about 3 coats.

7. Applying the other colour, this i use water colour, make it thick. Apply to your desired pattern.

8. Last step, spray on the clearcote, some of you use dull cote. I tried to find but couldn't so i use this. The nearer you spray IMO the wetter the feel.

There, done. And take photos.

Bash it up and you'll have this

Like i said i'm not perfect, just trying to share.

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very new to this forum but thought i might add my 2 cents (for what it's worth) has anyone ever used "tuscany blendable stencil paint cream" ?????
this stuff is pretty good especially for those that paint in layers. it goes on very thin and can be built upon/layered to for a darker look before sealing. but the best part i like about this stuff is that you have about 2-3 days before it really starts to set up (way more than enough time to see if you have something just right). i first used this on a predator dutch custom........i would apply, then add to it.......maybe screw something up & wipe it all off and start again. wipes off clean so you can do the re-do or re-re-do, etc, etc..:). it sets up weird though once you break the seal on the top, it sets up on top like an exposed pie and creates a crust that you have to break thru the next time you use it. anyway.......just kinda curious if anyone else ran across this stuff and used it.

BTW your camo job.
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