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Well, I just got the TS Riverine ops equip set today, and, to my surprise, it wasn't complete. Is there anywhere that still offers this set, or could someone spare these parts for Karma? I'm dying to get the complete set, so any help is greatly appreciated

-2 dual M4 pouches
-2 field dressing pouches
-boonie hat
-black undershirt
-knife sheath
-two quart canteen pouch
-small belt pouch
-belt for pants

Thanks in advance! - Rawrington

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Good luck.I know someone that also bought one of those uncomplete sets a few weeks ago and asked me if I had pouches for it as well.The only thing to do is keep trying EBAY.None of the normal guys have these loose.I know EBT has a complete set for 150.

But the pouches for the most part are nowhere to be found online.
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