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Anything in the N. VA area???

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Hey everyone,

I'm visiting some family this weekend. They're in the Ft. Belvoir/Mt. Vernon area. Is there anything near that may sell 1:6th stuff?

How about any cool things to see at Ft. Belvoir? My brother-in-law is a Lt. Cmdr in the Navy and is stationed there. We do plan on going to the Marine Corps museum in Quantico too... Can't wait for that...

Thanks in advance.

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I think that Crossroads is in Northern Virginia, though I am not sure whether or not they have a storefront.
Hey Josh,

Not sure about any 1/6 stores up here; if so, news to me! (Hey Tatuued: What's the "Crossroads" you mentioned?). Heck, I haven't even seen any 1/6th stuff in any of our local Wal-Marts. It's grim up here.....

As for things to do, definitely hit Arlington National Cemetery and the Air and Space Museum (both downtown on the Mall AND the annex out at Dulles - especially the annex). Also, I strongly suggest going down to see Mr. Lincoln along about dusk....then go over and experience the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, then do Korea Memorial, and finally, the World War II Memorial. Those memorials take on a majesty in the evening.

Although I still haven't been there, the Spy Musuem is suppsoed to be very cool.

And there's still a stroll down PA Ave and stopping to take some picutres of the White House.

Enjoy your visit to Our Nation's Capitol and please provide a debrief of the National Museum of the Marine Corps. I can't wait to get down there.


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