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Anyone use Wax?

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I've been debating if I should go from my good old sculpting "putty" and going to wax. seems to have good deals on azbro wax , and some good deals on a wax pen.

So..anyone have any things to say , or advice on Wax?


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wax melts easily. Hope this helped :p using wax begs the question- Can wax be painted? Although, wax does have a light shine like skin...
what little i know, wax is a wonderful base sculpting medium...once the sculpt is complete, most pros use it to create a mold, and make a resin cast copy of that wax "master."

I've used wax for jewelry - and I'll soon be back to it for some project I have in mind - but I don't think you'll find it better than Super Sculpey.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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