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Anyone doing a '40's version of Capt. America?

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Master Replicas' version of his shield is on sale now.

Just a heads up in case some one needed one.
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Its too damn thick and heavy for a figure in my opinion.
Ive got one.
Like a dumb ass, I payed full price.
Do you have one of the Narnia shields? (Peter's Christmas gift)

Is it the same shield repainted?
I dont have Peters shield and no its not the same.
Thanks for the heads up Scott.45.

I have a good start on my Cap. Using Dragon chain male from one of the Time Line figs. I've got him in paratrooper pants and jump boots. I have this picture of Cap. charging a German machine gun nest. I'm basing my cap on that.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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