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Andy Meyers 1/6 scale Hand-Crafted Custom Suppressors

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Exciting news on the sixthscale front… Black Ops Toys will be releasing a new line of precision made 1/6 scale suppressors. These suppressors are made from hand-crafted, hand-milled, hand lathed, and hand-miked, to bring out the most minute details and surface features.

Michael Skram (Sir Eaton Flipflop) recently received a set of these suppressors in the mail for review. There are seven designs, in two colors - matte black, and FDE ( Flat Dark Earth ) - for a total of fourteen suppressor variants in all. And they are nothing short of outstanding.

CLICK HERE for Michael Skrams in-depth review, kicking off with an even more in-depth interview with the talented craftsman behind these new suppressors… Mr. Andy Meyers.

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Thank you Jeff for the great review :)

Special Ops Models
Way to go Andy. I was trying to convince you for years to bring your genius to 1:6. GLAD to see you!

There's a lot of demand for your skills and I love AMERICAN manufacture.
As long as they're not over $50 ea.

How much are they?
The prices are very affordable - especially for what you get. Check the link - you just may be surprised :)

All prices are listed here - both for the sets and the individual suppressors:
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