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I haven't done a special Wednesday article in awhile, but I promise I'll get back to them with regularity soon. Let's start with a yearly favorite of mine - my picks for the Best and Worst of 2017! The Poppies and People's Picks voting wrapped up earlier this week, and I'm working on the results right now. Until then, check out my personal picks in this feature:

Captain Toy Picks... Best/Worst of 2017

Update - I've added the People's Picks tonight as well, and there's some seriously interesting surprises, at least to me. You can find them here:

The People's Picks... Best Collectibles of 2017

I'll be wrapping up the Poppies very soon!

Update 2 - Yep, now the Poppies are live!

The Poppies... Best Collectibles of 2017
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