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Part 3 of my WWII collection

Private First Class, First Infantry Division: Operation Torch, Invasion of North Africa, November 1942

Petty Officer 3rd Class, 7th Naval Beach Battalion: Operation Overlord, June 1944

Private First Class, 2nd Ranger Battalion: Operation Overlord, Pointe Du Hoc, June 1944

Corporal, Third Armored Division: Operation Overlord, June 1944

Corporal, Motor MP attached to 3rd Armored Division: D-Day +4 , June 1944

Sergeant, Third Armored Division: Saint-Lô, June 1944

Sergeant, 97th infantry Division: Battle Of The Bulge, December 1944

Private, Military Police: England, October 1943

that's it for part 3, as usual all comment/concerns/queries are appreciated.

cheers, Jeff
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