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Alert Line : 1/6 WWII German GD - Military Police Equipment Set

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Alert Line界线玩模 :1/6 二战德国国防军大德意志师战地宪兵套装
Alert Line : 1/6 WWII German Grossdeutschland Division(GD) Military Police Equipment Set

预计2017年 第4季度上市

ALer Line1/6 NO:AL100018

The Boots,MP40 Ammo Ammunition Pouches,Combat Suspenders and Flashlight Leather Flap are made from real cow hide leather Motorcycle Rider's Rubber Overcoat is made from waterproof cloth rather than leather .
The final version will alter the collar of uniform in order to acquire better fitness
士兵靴 MP40弹包 士兵腰带 Y带 手电挂带均是真皮材料。摩托手风衣为防雨布材料制作。

二战德国国防军大德意志师战地宪兵套装 (AL100018)
WWII German Grossdeutschland Division(GD) Armband Equipment Set


1 头盔 * 1/Helmet * 1

2 破片迷彩盔罩 * 1/Splinter Pattern Helmet Cover * 1

3 国防军M36制服上衣 * 1/WH M36 Uniform * 1

4 国防军制服裤子 * 1/Trousers * 1

5 摩托车手防雨风衣 * 1/Motorcycle Rider's Rubber Overcoat * 1

6 大德意志GD师宪兵胸牌 * 1/Grossdeutschland Division Army Feldgendarmerie Gorget * 1

7 国防军士兵腰带 * 1/WH Belt * 1

8 制式Y带 * 1/Combat Suspenders * 1

9 士兵长靴 * 1/ Cow Hide Boots * 1

10 MP40冲锋鎗 * 1/MP40 Submachine Gun * 1

11 MP40冲锋鎗弹包 * 2/MP40 Ammo Ammunition Pouches * 2

12 手电 * 1/Flashlight * 1

13 防毒面具罐 * 1/Gas Mask Can * 1

14 杂物包 * 1/Bread Bag * 1

15 水壶 * 1/Kettle * 1

16 地图包 * 1/Map Bag * 1

17 橡胶手套 * 1/Rubber Gloves * 1

18 交通指挥牌 * 1/WWII German Military Police Traffic Control Paddle * 1

19 破片迷彩雨衣卷 * 1/Splinter Pattern Raincoat Roll * 1

20摩托风镜 * 1/Goggles * 1

21 袖标 * 2/Cuff Titles * 2

23 臂章 * 1/Military Police Armband * 1

24 领章肩章 * 2/Collar Epaulets * 2

25 勋章/Medal


Suitable for most mainstream 1:6 figures

notice:head sculture ,hunting dog and figure body are not included


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Wow! What a nice set, I can’t wait for that camoflauge helmet cover and those MP40 pouches.
So far, none of their sets have hit the $100 mark here in the US, it must be the Pound that makes the extra cost? This set was in the pipeline already, and perhaps others. Members have been looking for the AL site/contact info, to pass along the link from here, which might move them a bit.

This is a nice set. I'm being piggy, as I would like that zeltbahn roll actually functional.
I'm being piggy, as I would like that zeltbahn roll actually functional
Although I don't know if a 1:6 functional zeltbahn could be rolled to that tight of a package.....actually, I know it can't be.....

Just another thing we must live with in this hobby....
Very nice set, I was putting together the Afrika korps figure, and the tailoring is excelent..... Really, would like to see an M44 uniform....

Of course, I'd like to see them try the British uniforms... The old DML fabric never looked good to me
Being nitpicking, the cuffbands are too wide, and the collar Tabs could be bigger... But there are options to Get them elsewhere
This is a nice set....AL have also put in a little research on this one, I don't think the Grossdeutschland Feldgendarmerie gorget has appeared previously unless I've missed it in the past....nice touch giving the extra insignia for the tunic as well, as andresmf2003 mentioned the Felgendarmerie cuffband looks to wide...the GD cuffband looks passable, it doesn't look as wide as the FG band, the collar tabs don't look too bad to my eyes I have seen a few sets of original FG tabs and they do come in several sizes.
PS.I like the German Shepherd....shame it's not included with the figure.
Also, the stop signs seem to be pic shows the Dragon-like sign (no writing on it), and other pics show the DiD-like version....unless, of course, the sign is double-sided...
The cuff title and breast eagle are like the ones made by Toy City. Yes, the cuff band is way off from being correct. The rest of the set looks great !
Reminds me of the old DML "Karl" from way back when. This appears to be a substantial upgrade.
Looking again, the gorget, the zelthban, and the gloves look really good, and much better than DML and diD.....
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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