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Just thought I'd let everyone know about the Historical Aircraft Groups 2008 Geneseo Airshow. Click here for airshow's webpage . If you're in the area stop by. It's always fun. There are planes in the air from dawn to dusk though scheduled performances are from 10am to 4pm. There are mostly WW2 aircraft and a few modern planes. As always there are vendors of airshow junk. Very rarely you'll find some bits of TUS 1/6 stuff but mostly 1/18 and 1/32. There are also Allied and Axis reenactors (last year was 50+ guys).

I've shown up the past few years with the German army reenactors but this year I'll be going with my brother as a vendor selling repro war, propaganda, and airplane posters along with T-Shirts. I don't know how much free time I'll have to wander around but I'll try to get pics of all the old warbirds I can.

This is the year of the P-40 with a dozen or so expected. As usual I'm looking forward to the 90 degree heat (32 degrees Canadian, that's what the C is for right?) but at least I don't have to wear wool!

I'll upload pics when I get back...
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