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I'm new to OSW, but I've been collecting and kit bashing since 2004. Lately I've thought about doing the whole Modern Warfare kitbash with Soap, Price, Gaz, Ghost and the whole Green Beret Metal team.

But I digress to my main question:

I want to do a British and American Airborne foursome with one 101st Airborne (Maybe even Easy Company, 3/506) and one Brit from D-Day and one American and one Brit from current times.

My question is what will I need for the bash? I've got one modern parachute and such from the BBi Screaming Eagle released a few years back and I've got several WWII uniforms for USA and UK.

As far as firearms go, I've got

WWII-M1 Carbine, M1 Garand, M1A1 Thompson, and a few .45 pistols and I've got more M4s for the current Airborne bash than I know what to do with.

WWII-Sten gun and Lee Enfield and a Piat and that's it.
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