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Casting is a fun yet annoying process! For molds that pick up detail well, I use room temperature vulcanizing silicone (RTV). I have not had much luck with urethane molds. I personally use the RTV silicone from MicroMark but have known others to use Smooth-On products (click here for their page on mold making). Searching around on the web should find you many pages/tutorials on moldmaking. It is basically just building a box, supporting your master in clay, and pouring your properly mixed rubber into the box. Just remember to wait the prescribed amount of time for the mold to cure and always use the recommended release agents for the rubber being used.

At the moment I use Por-A-Kast II polyurethane casting resin made by Pathway Polymers. This was recommended to me by Steve from Panzerwerks. It is an equal mix two part resin that cures white. It demolds in about 1/2 hour depending on conditions and can be post-cured (i.e. baked when your done). Bubbling can be eliminated with a pressure pot to squeeze all the bubbles out. A properly thought out mold will also help avoid trapping bubbles. This is difficult and I still haven't mastered that task yet. The hard part is that there is little time for air to escape as with the resin I use the gel time is 3-5 minutes.

Simple tips are always wear gloves and some type of eye protection. You want to avoid any resin in your eye especially mixed, ready to cast resin. If the mold picks up the detail the resin will grab it as well. I mean if you have a greasy thumb print on your master the mold will pick it up and then all your castings will have your thumb print on them.

As far as recasting goes, you're right it is a sensitive subject. I'm no copyright expert but there is a "fair use policy" somewhere in section 106-108 of the US copyright law. I'll use the example my 8th grade home-ec teacher gave me, "you can embroider the mickey mouse logo on a sweatshirt for yourself but you can't ever sell or give that sweatshirt away without paying Disney." You can basically make it for yourself but you can never ever sell it or transfer ownership of your pirated version of another persons intellectual property without their expressed permission (works of art/sculptures included). You pretty much have to burn/destroy it when you're done with life or pay royalties. That's just the way it's been explained to me.

Good luck....
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