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ACW - CSA Cavalry 1st Lt. Alexis Mac Coy

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Hi everyone,

Here's my second ACW custom bash :)

Savannah, GA, Summer 1863... Lt. Mac Coy looking away for a few minutes before leading his squad to the special mission that will make him a legend...

This figure is fictional. It is inspired by the comic strip series Mac Coy. His uniform is the one he's got in the first volume of the series. In the book, he wears a frock coat, but I've given him a shell jacket because I couldn't find a frock coat with officer trimming on the sleeves.

I used a Dragon body (Garret) on which I've modified the head by adding moustache with putty and a little bit repainted and weathered. I've put a slight layer of varnish, to make the head look a bit sweaty because of the summer heat. The white cloth protecting the neck from the sun is a piece of a used T-shirt of mine! I've added rank trimming on the collar by glueing DMC thread. The golves are dragon WW2 gloves repainted by a friend of mine to make them look like cavalry gauntlets.

Credits :

- kepi, shell jacket, belt, holster, saber, shirt, braces and boots : Battle Gear Toys
- figure body : Dragon
- belt ammo pouch : Sideshow
- collar triming : DMC thread
- spurs and Navy Colt revolver : Stevos Toys
- moustache : made with Miliput Superfine putty
- weathering : Tamyia Weathering pastels

Enjoy! :)
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very sharp figure, the havelock is a nice touch
Excellent figure and great work on the hs! :thumb
He looks really good. His clothes sit on him well as if on a 1:1 figure. I particularly like his gloves.

Thanks very much to all for your comments. I'm glad you like it. About the gloves, these originally are Dragon gloves from Kenneth Laird British SAS figure. I was happy to find them in loose. They are closed to the cavalry glove style and wide enough to put sleeves in them. Indeed the jacket sleeves plus the shirt sleeves make the arms a bit thick and so, it's not that easy to put inside tight gloves. The original color of the gloves was a kind of yellow. I wanted to give them the white/cream color. So, a friend of mine who is an expert in modelling and in 1/35 figure painting, told me he could repaint the gloves for me. He really did a good job, giving them this used aspect, but not really dirty though. I really thank him for his help :thumb
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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