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SKULL2.0 Power Set

Item code: ACI - 775 (4 versions)

Following up on the release of SKULL 1.0, one of our best selling products for diorama and customization, ACI Toys returns to the genre, goes beyond diorama, offers a full EVIL SKULL figure set for all you fans of the undead!

The newly developed SKULL 2.0 not only features an all new Evil looking sculpt, it also comes with a movable and detachable jaw, making it ever more fun to kit-bash and photoshoot with.

The Set comes with an all black special edition fully articulated body, one set of black leather-like jacket and pants, three gloved hands, a pair of boots with Union Jack print, plus a choice of weapon, a die cast Axe or the silver .50 Cal Desert Eagle, easily to make a skull rider gang with, and make worthy opponents for your heroes collection.

Product Info:
1. Evil Skull with movable & detachable jaw x 1 set
2. Black Davidson jacket with pants x 1 set
3. Boots with Union Jack print x 1 pair
4. Gloved hands x 3
5. Weapon: Axe (die-cast) OR Silver Desert Eagle x 1
6. Fully articulated figure body (special all-black edition)

ACI - 775A

ACI - 775B

ACI - 775C

ACI - 775D


Say what?
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I kind of like it, but what's the deal with the Union Jack boots?

Must've missed something.

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Looks like they did throw all parts togehter that they were not able to sell?
The jacket, pants, and boots are from previous products so they might have had some of those left over. The skulls look a bit angrier than previous releases though.
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